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At Spoken4 our focus is very much on character / accent work (with straight / RP reads as a given.) Anyone wishing to work with Spoken4 should have a high skill level in UK regional and international accents. Please bear this in mind when submitting. Your reel should show this. A reel which contains only straight reads tells us nothing about your skills with accents and characters. So, we must advise that anyone submitting merely straight reads, however accomplished, will not make it on to the Spoken4 roster. If you are strong in accent and character work – in addition to straight reads - and can show this, then please get in touch!

What we need:

  1. A link to your reels – Soundcloud, Spotlight, your personal website etc. Any emails with attachments will be deleted and not considered for submission
  2. We strongly advise you browse our website and listen to the selection of artists featured on our site.
  3. Tracks we would like to hear include straight RP, accents (ideally both UK regional and international), characters and a straight read featuring your own natural accent.

*NB: *The above only applies to native UK actors. For American and Foreign voices, we welcome your straight reels and/or character reels.

All submissions must be sent to submissions@spoken4.net. Please ensure you include your email address and a mobile phone number so we can get in touch with you. Thanks!

Production Companies

Spoken4 offers a bespoke service. The artists featured on this site are just a small selection of the voices available to you. Feel free to make an initial selection or simply advise us of the brief and we will supply relevant samples by suitable artists.

Feel free to contact us on + 44 (0)20 3362 4300 Or email us at voices@spoken4.net

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